Why Democrat Cities are so Violent

Justice isn’t cheap.  It takes both money and commitment.  Deep blue socialist cities are busy spending tax money on political kickbacks.  There isn’t enough money and political will remaining to power the justice system.  Over 90 percent of the criminals arrested will be offered plea bargains.  Socialist prosecutors and judges let repeat criminals out of jail for time served.  Lots of criminals commit new crimes while awaiting trial or while out on probation.The explosion in crime changes the way honest people live.  Prosecuting the flood of violent crimes leaves no time or money for anything else.  Property effectively becomes worthless when property crimes are no longer prosecuted.  Criminals take what they want.  Neighborhoods where mobs are allowed to run riot are not the places where companies will build and hire.  They can’t even afford the insurance in those areas

Source: Why Democrat Cities are so Violent

No doubt there is a “balkanization” of neighborhoods in many of the major cites across the US. How much is the politicians being unable to fix it and how much are crime and violence tools for their successful stay in power?

Venezuela is a great example of control of the population by fear using unchecked violent crime. I it is being used as guideline by politicians here, they should be removed from office most expeditiously.

Hot tar and feathers included as part of the severance package.


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